Changing the world
One Child at a time.

Join the movement of compassion! Together we can do even more. Let's engage to end these injustices in our lifetime.

We want to empower the children, restore their dignity and provide for them a future full of hope. To make all of this happen we need your help, every gift counts. The children have the power to change their world, and we have the power to help them do it!

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$30 Food + Shelter

$30 each month takes a child off the streets and makes sure they have plenty to eat and a safe place to sleep.

$60 Food + Shelter + Education

In addition to food and shelter, $60 each month also covers the costs of a child's school fees, books, and uniforms.

$100 Food + Shelter + Education + Medical Care

In addition to food, shelter, and schooling, $100 each month also covers a child's medical care and a lot of the other surprise expenses that life brings.